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Keren Kenigsvain – Jewish Tribune

I f you’re planning a party for your daughter (or son) look no further. Toronto’s Fashion Academy is dedicated to cultivating expression and imagination through fashion and design. The Fashion Academy offers party workshops in which kids create and design their own jewelry, accessories and clothing. An instructor leads the kids through the process of creating their own wearable art. The party themes are designed to suit a variety of ages; Princess and Ballerina parties cater to younger children and allow them to indulge in their imagination, while the more intensive design workshops are geared towards older kids.

“…the kids were so interested in everything I was doing with the styling, they really got into it.”
The Fashion Academy is the brainchild of Tara Posluns, a local businesswoman, stylist and mom. Posluns studied fashion in university and worked hard styling for various television commercials and shows. Posluns’ interest in fashion began as a child. She started The Fashion Academy to provide other children with an outlet to explore their own love for fashion. Posluns recollects how “on the [commercial] shoots the kids were so interested in everything I was doing with the styling, they really got into it.” Last year, the Fashion Academy teamed up with the Girl Guides of Canada to offer a Merit Badge in Fashion and Creative Discovery.

In addition to parties, the Fashion Academy provides a variety of workshops where kids can design bags, hair accessories and clothing all stamped with their personal style and flavor. Recently added to the roster of workshops is sewing where, equipped with a sewing machine, they are taught the fundamentals of the craft. The Fashion Academy provides all the material and caters each workshop each party. The workshop is an hour and engages the children in an organized and focused atmosphere at the end of which, they walk away with a beautiful hand crafted creation all their own.

Originally Published:
April 8, 2013


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