Lunch & After School Programs





You Gotta
Have Art!

The Fashion Academy Programs

  • are led by trained, qualified design instructors
  • are hands-on and creative based
  • age appropriate and artistically inspired
  • are safe and inclusive
Inspire Wonder and Ignite Creativity
We can craft up a customized workshop to meet your unique needs and themes.

This season we’re doing what we do best – sewing, designing, crafting, and having fun! Join us for an exciting, inspirational program exploring the world of design and art. Budding designers will create crafty projects using a wide variety of mediums and techniques. Our projects are simply stylish!

  • Design Studio

    Are you a budding artist? Packed with amazing DIY workshops, the design studio invites you to peed inside the world of fashion and art. Create unique imaginative pieces that reveal your style sense Whether it’s jewellery, accessories or fashions you can show your personal flair and craft fun and playful pieces.


  • Sew Studio

    Are you an aspiring artist? Making and customizing your own clothes is easy, fun and a great way of creating your own unique style. Designed for the absolute beginner, this program will introduce you to the domestic sewing machine, essential sewing techniques, fabrics 101, how to work basic patterns as well as sketching and designing. Get all the inspiration materials and confidence you need to create your dream designs. Get inspired, to design and create your won hip contemporary pieces. Campers will explore the art of fashion, accessories and jewelry design.

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