Preschool, Kinder & School Aged Programs

You Gotta
Have Art!

The Fashion Academy Programs

  • are led by trained, qualified design instructors
  • are hands-on and creative based
  • age appropriate and artistically inspired
  • are safe and inclusive
Inspire Wonder and Ignite Creativity
We can craft up a customized workshop to meet your unique needs and themes.

Pre-school & Kinder Programs (Ages 2-6)

Our preschool and kindergarden programs provide fun-filled, art-inspired workshops for aged 2-6 years old. Designed to spark their imaginations, feed their curiosity and focus on exploring materials and techniques. Our workshops are 1 hour in length.

School Age Programs (Ages 7+)

Our School age program offers aspiring artists the opportunity to experience the fundamentals of fabric and textile arts. Designed to jump-start their imaginations, and inspire creative expression. Our workshops are 1 hour in length.

The one-of-a-kind workshops we offer:

Children will create their own colorful and playful creations. Our dye is non-toxic, no mixing, no gloves and easy clean up. All ages. 

Children will get creative and personalize their own fabric aprons. All ages.
Children will paint, stamp, color and bedazzle their blank canvas. All ages.

Kids will have the chance to carve, punch and finish a leather bracelet of their own. Ages 6+
Personalize a t-shirt using textile finger paints, fabric paints and printed silk-screen images. Ages 6+ tshirt-decorating
Make your own turbo durable wallet out of NASA worthy materials! Ages 7+

Create your own sand art masterpiece by choosing a plastic bottle design and filling it with different colors of sand! All ages.


Add cool style to your wardrobe with your own cotton Fedora Hat! Decorate the fedora with accessories, including ribbon, feathers, sequins, rhinestones, and jewels. Ages 6+ 074
Great for theme days. Children will have fun decorating and wearing these terrific foam cowboy hats! All ages.
Let us bring imagination and dress-up to your centre. Packed with costumes, and a musical marching parade. Perfect for toddlers. All ages.
Using materials such as T shirts, and Hats this workshop offers style, colour and creativity on all levels. Ages 6+